DMac Has Nothing on Cool J

DMac Has Nothing on Cool J
February 5, 2007, 9:51 am
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A snippet from the Orlando Sentinel blog about the ESPN party in Miami.  No commentary needed.

Among those ushered onto the exclusive grounds: Alyssa Milano, Bonnie Bernstein, Donovan McNabb, Troy Smith, Tom Brady and Brady Quinn. Those people did not excite me, though. When LL Cool J took the stage, though ... there is a reason why ladies love cool James. Although men seemed to love him, too.

LL performed on stage outside on the street, so everyone could enjoy the concert. He wore his usual white stretchy tank top, which he proceeded to rip apart (His usual M.O.). It was so hot, he poured water all over himself to cool off. I think several women in front fainted when he did that. He sang the usual hits -- Goin' Back to Cali, I Need Love, Doin' It -- and even called a few of the party goers on stage so they could dance with him. He let them even touch his rock-hard arms and abs. I stayed far away from that scene. Or should I say my husband had me on a leash. Just kidding honey! He stood right next to me making sure I did not do anything crazy like toss some ummentionables at him. He performed for about an hour and was the best part of the whole night.

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