Doctor Wax Battle Has Smokin Hot Boxes!

Doctor Wax Battle Has Smokin Hot Boxes!
February 6, 2006, 6:49 am
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We've neglected our Wednesday baseball card of the week feature lately but we haven't abandoned it just yet.  A special baseball card post this week featuring Doctor Wax Battle.

Doctor Wax Battle hasn't exactly been a YouTube phenom, but we hope to propel him into Internet stardom.  The Doctor, as he likes to call himself, currently has 98 videos on YouTube.  The Doc owns (we presume) a baseball card shop near Tom's River, New Jersey known as The Backstop.  He has a whole cast of characters who appear in his videos from Gil and Fast Eddie to Cowboy Mike.  Gil's back has been bothering him lately. 


Mostly they "bust boxes", a term meaning to open up packs of cards, and pimp The Backstop's smokin hot products.  But the Doc doesn't limit us to just watching box bustin'.  You can watch their Soprano's style meeting, their Godfather style sit down, the Doc's quest to win an ebay auction for a hideous collectors item, or you can just watch the Doc get that that moppy fro of his cut.  His most viewed video is labeled a "PULL OF A LIFETIME."  I won't ruin the surprise on that one.  It's uhn-press-i-dent-ted.

Watching a YouTube video of a random person open a box of cards is highly addicting; the first time you see it, you almost get the thrill of opening a pack of cards yourself.

I've surely wasted hours of my life watching Doctor Wax Battle's videos.  Now it's your turn.

>>The Backstop's Official Home Page []

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