Dollar Dog Night Lives Up to Reputation

Dollar Dog Night Lives Up to Reputation
May 14, 2008, 10:44 am
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Apparently the scene wasn't pretty last night at Citizens Bank Park. Before the game even started, throngs of undercover police were busting underage kids in the parking lot for drinking adult beverages. Tisk, tisk, kiddies. Then, once the game actually kicked off, mayhem ensued. The Philly Burbs blog writes:

The event was an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment to anyone with
an even an ounce of dignity. I sat in the 200 level and looked up above
to a constant screaming of “Let’s go Mets!” I almost missed Jason
Werth’s heroics as the attention turned back to the area which had now
turned into a food fight. Hot dogs were flying, sodas were thrown. It
was a battle zone up there that never ended.

Now is that Mets thing a typo or were there really New Yorkers causing a ruckus at a Braves game in Philly?

The Phillies ended up winning on the strength of Jayson Werth's great night at the plate. I missed this one so I can't really add much commentary. What'd we miss?

Anyway, here's NBC10's video of the crackdown via HHR.

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