Donovan McNabb: 'I Still Love Philly'

Donovan McNabb: 'I Still Love Philly'
June 16, 2010, 10:41 am
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It's easy to poke Donovan McNabb now that he's a member of the Washington Redskins, but the reality is he was a franchise player during an amazing decade of football in Philadelphia. Respect should be shown at the appropriate times, like when he's announced for the first time when he returns to the Linc. After that, and especially during games, he plays for the enemy.

McNabb still has plenty of Philly ties and was in town for his annual White Party this past weekend. He showed some love to Philadelphia.

Via the DC Sports Bog:

"I had 11 strong years here in Philadelphia, tried to give you
everything that I've got," McNabb said. "Every time I stepped on the
field I tried to give you what I've got. Throw them fives in the air.
Let me see how much you appreciate what I gave y'all, through y'all
fives in the air. Every time I stepped on the field I gave you everything,
from my inside and out. I'm gonna see y'all twice a year [garbled,
boos], but you know one thing. I still love Philly."

I believe the game in which Donovan McNabb gave his insides was actually in Jacksonville, so the field there (and not Philadelphia) was the recipient of that.

We kid because we love(d).

Unrelated: Did you see McNabb's "pants" last week?

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