Donovan McNabb's Surprise 30th Birthday Bash

Donovan McNabb's Surprise 30th Birthday Bash
January 18, 2006, 8:58 am
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There was a Hip Hop show at the World Cafe Live upstairs last night featuring a number of Philly artists celebrating November being Hip Hop History month.  While the beats were spinning upstairs, Donovan McNabb's wife was throwing a surprise birthday party for the Bird's leader a few floors below.

As my girlfriend and I enjoyed some food, a few Magic Hat Number 9, and stellar mix of beats upstairs, the staff set up a reserved table about 15 feet away.  The table remained empty with a reserved place holder on it for a while.  After about half an hour, Donovan McNabb rolled in with 4 or 5 guys and sat down.  Donovan, who was drinking something out of a martini glass, really seemed to be into the music and vibe of the show.  I even caught him bumpin' to the beats.  For about 20 minutes, I was chillin 2 tables away from Donnie Mac and his boys.  McNabb's crew couldn't have had more than a drink before they got up and took the elevator downstairs where I'm assuming Super Five had a big surprise waiting for him.  Rumor had it that the invite list included Andy Reid, Brian Dawkins, and a who's who of Philly celebrities.

A Philly legend of a different sort was also in attendance.  The legendary graffiti artist Cornbread was honored and gave a few words about how he tagged everything in Philly back in the day, from an elephant at the zoo to dozens of Philly cop cars.

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