Donovan on Best Damn and more from Mitt

Donovan on Best Damn and more from Mitt
January 28, 2005, 3:41 am
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Pretty nice video from last nights Best Damn Sports show on Fox of Donovan talking about all sorts of stuff.  8 minutes worth of video, windows media required.  DMac has on that Super 5 hat which he has been seen a lot in lately, anyone know where to find one of these?  I didn't have much luck searching for it.

More about Masshole Gov. Romney disrespecting the Cheesesteak from MSNBC:

Romney, a first-term Republican governor, refused to accept the traditional Philadelphia sandwich in exchange for lobsters in the traditional pre-Super Bowl bet between leaders of the two states represented in the game.

"He said the cheese steak had no nutritional value," Rendell told reporters Wednesday at an event, citing that Romney was fitness-conscious.

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