Don't Call The Fat, Furry Pig 'PorkChop!'

Don't Call The Fat, Furry Pig 'PorkChop!'
February 3, 2007, 4:46 pm
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The Lehigh Valley IronPigs -- one word! -- named their new mascot, a large, furry pig, "PorkChop."  It seems rather perfect to me, "PorkChop."  Apparently this doesn't fly with the Hispanic population and the IronPigs quickly renamed the mascot.  Now I was unaware of the term "Pork Chop" being a derogatory term for a person of Hispanic decent.  I even went as far as to ask some of the most vulgar, bottom of the barrel people on Earth if they had ever heard of the term.  Daulerio said he was unaware of it and Meech claims, "that's the biggest crock of shit ever."

But, we all know if it's in the Urban Dictionary then it is fact.  UD however claims that is not offensive but rather endearing.

1. Porkchop -  Pork Chop is a slang word referring to Portuguese people. It is not offensive to call someone of Portuguese decent a Pork Chop because it is considered humorous and endearing. Portuguese people refer to themselves as Pork Chops all the time and it has nothing to do with overweight women. portugues people are very laid back and friendly. Men are extreemly sexy and romantic and will do anything for his family and loved ones. Portuguese women are beautiful inside and out and are very strong willed. They are forgiving people but they never forget especially when they are wronged. The only real offensive thing you could say to a Portuguese person is that they are spanish..they are NOT spanish. Learn geography bc im tired of people saying that Portugal and Spain is "the same thing" If you do call a portuguese person spanish the only responce you'll get is "Fuddas Careyu!"

"My boyfriend is the most amazing man in the world..I love my Pork Chop"

Add all the [sic]s you want in there and I apologize if this post offended anyone except of course for A.J. or Meech.  My lovely Portuguese friend Sarah has pointed out to me that  Portuguese is not in fact Hispanic.  So there you go.  Mystery unresolved.

Oh, and what did they rename the portly, furry pig?  "Ferrous" of course.

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