Dunk Contest Still Has Potential

Dunk Contest Still Has Potential
February 8, 2007, 10:14 am
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The days of Jordan vs. 'Nique with Craig Sager giving the commentary are long gone.  The dunk contest surely has seen it's low lights in recent years.  Last year, however, we saw Iggy put on an amazing display of acrobatics.  Because really, that's what the dunk contest is, a competition in gymnastics.

The dunk contest is suited perfectly for young, athletic players with a knack for creativity.  Enter Gerald Green.  He says he has an idea, if executed, that would make for one of the 10 best dunks of all time.  I look forward to it. [Fanhouse]

Would you rank Iguodala's dunk from last year among the 10 best ever?

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