Eagles Cheerleaders Return From Iraq

Eagles Cheerleaders Return From Iraq
June 17, 2008, 9:00 am
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A small group of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders recently traveled over to Iraq to perform and show support for our troops serving there. The trip was a great experience for all involved.

"The impact of the experience and what an immense
privilege it was to go to Iraq and dance for American troops didn't hit
me until I was home, living the luxuries of American freedom. Every man
and women is there sacrificing so much for us," said Rachel. "It's such
a contrast what we experienced over there compared to what they're
experiencing. To be able to give something back, for these two weeks
give them a slice a home, a break from the monotony of their jobs as
American soldiers, Marines or sailors."

I found this photo with the 6037 miles to Philadelphia to be pretty cool.

Read more about the Cheerleaders' experience complete with photo gallery at PE.com.

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