Eagles Crush Skins

Eagles Crush Skins

I wrote a short game recap as well as a short picture post over at the Fanhouse but I thought I'd comment here about Brian Dawkins.  Sitting behind the Eagles bench gives you an amazing look at the passion Brian Dawkins brings on every play.  When he's not in the game pumping his teammates up he's on the sideline making sure everyone is focused.  Dawkins is one of the best players to ever put on a Philadelphia uniform -- in any sport.

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Sixers fan apologizes to Russell Westbrook for flashing middle fingers

Sixers fan apologizes to Russell Westbrook for flashing middle fingers

Richard Harkaway, a urologist from North Philadelphia, has been identified as the Sixers fan who flashed a double middle finger to Thunder star Russell Westbrook during opening night on Wednesday night.

Harkaway on Thursday issued an apology for his actions and revealed a new detail about the confrontation with Westbrook.

"As a part-time comedian I realize that my words and actions are sometimes inappropriate," Harkaway said in a statement to Philly.com issued by a personal representative.

"In this instance, after standing up to boo and being provoked by Russell Westbrook calling attention to my being overweight, my action in response was clearly inexcusable and I am embarrassed. I sincerely apologize to my fellow Sixers fans, the Sixers organization, my colleagues and patients, and to Mr. Westbrook for my behavior."

The story gets a little weirder with the allegation that Westbrook poked fun as Harkaway's weight, but at least he apologized for his actions. 

The incident, coinciding with the controversy over the national anthem, put a black eye on an otherwise fun night for the Sixers and their fans. 

Joel Embiid's television is as big as he is

Joel Embiid's television is as big as he is

Joel Embiid is one of those rare people who when you see him in real life, you are simply in awe of how large of a human being he actually is.

He's huge on TV, but he's scary big in real life.

So it's fitting that such a large human has an equally gigantic television.

JoJo posted the above video to his Instagram story.

I mean, look at that thing. It takes up the entire wall of his current apartment.

Also of note, Joel is showing off his Madden skills by using the Eagles to beat up on the Raiders. I think Philly fans are going to like him just fine.