Eagles Mock Drafts!

Eagles Mock Drafts!
February 9, 2009, 10:11 am
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We folk over at FanHouse did an early, early mock draft and I ordered up some cheesesteaks and put on my Andy Reid mask to play the Eagles GM. We only did the first round so I had two selections for the Eagles. Also, trading was not an option, so that limited to the plausibility of Big Red selecting the guys I took. One of my selections:
28. Eagles: [Player2]

the Eagles' two great tackles Jon Runyan and Tra Thomas getting up
there in age, they could really use a stud replacement. Andy Reid loves
drafting linemen and he'll be thrilled to see [Player2] fall this
far. He's an all-around player who can pass block with the best of them
as well as open up some holes for Brian Westbrook in the running game.

So what do you think? Could I play Iggles GM? Would you be happy as a fan with those two guys?

Also of note: I made this selection before the news of Jon Runyan's surgery and impending 4-6 month absence. So it looks even smarter now, right?

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