Eagles Personnel Guys to Blame

Eagles Personnel Guys to Blame
January 7, 2007, 9:22 am
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It's not everyday that you find one of the Eagles beat writers ripping into the front office.  The media has no problem attacking Donovan McNabb or Jevon Kearse for not performing well but when it comes to the guys making the decisions, they seem to get a pass more often than not.

That changed yesterday when the Trenton Times' Mark Eckel unloaded on Tom Heckert and the staff he brought along with him for setting this team up to lose.  Whether you disagree with the points made in the article or not, Eckel at the least does a good job pointing out the few good decisions made under the current regime as well as the laundry list of bad ones.

A sampling:

Heckert wouldn't know talent if it walked into his
office, and it would have to walk into his office since
he never leaves the building.

See, all the great general managers of our time, Ron
Wolf, George Young, Bobby Beathard had it wrong. You
don't go out to college campuses and meet players and
coaches to judge talent. You stay home, watch TV and make
sure the big fellow gets his lunch on time.

At least he's doing that last thing well, because
the big fellow hasn't missed many lunches.


>>Eagles' flop is Heckert's responsibility [NJ.com]

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