Eagles playoff scenarios: Philly can clinch versus Chicago on Sunday

Eagles playoff scenarios: Philly can clinch versus Chicago on Sunday
December 17, 2013, 3:57 pm
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We’ve been fielding quite a few questions over the past 24 hours or so about the remaining playoff scenarios for the Philadelphia Eagles over the final two weeks of the season. So as a public service, here’s a quick, handy guide for the remaining possibilities, as there are only a few.

First and foremost, the Birds have been eliminated from wild card contention. That means there is only one road into the tournament, and that is through winning the NFC East.

The Eagles can clinch the division in Week 16 if:

They beat the Chicago Bears, and the Dallas Cowboys lose to Washington. Philadelphia is currently one up on Dallas in the standings, so if the aforementioned comes to pass, that would give the Birds a two-game lead with only one to play.

The Week 17 Eagles-Cowboys tilt in Dallas will be for the NFC East championship if:

Pretty much anything else happens. If the Cowboys win at Washington, the Eagles’ Sunday night matchup against the Bears becomes meaningless from anything other than a seeding standpoint. For the record, Chip Kelly already vowed to play the starters against Chicago regardless of the outcome in D.C.

The Eagles can be eliminated from playoff contention in Week 16 if:

They can’t be. Even if the Eagles lose and the Cowboys win, they will have identical 8-7 records. Week 17 automatically becomes a play-in game.

Not much to it, really, but you can see just how huge a favor the Packers did the Eagles by upsetting the Cowboys on Sunday. Had they won and gone on to beat Washington this week following the Birds’ loss to Minnesota, Philadelphia would’ve faced elimination against the Bears. Now even in a loss, the Eagles will live to see the final day of the regular season.

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