Eagles Trick or Treat

Eagles Trick or Treat
January 1, 2006, 9:11 am
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The fine folks over at The Eagle Report went trick or treating and some how managed to hit the homes of almost all of the Eagles.  Here's a sampling of what the Birds were giving out:

Brian Dawkins - Jawbreakers: When we rang his doorbell, Dawk jumped out from behind a bush and made a nice open-field tackle that made me drop my bag. Then he pumped up the crowd and gave us candy.

A.J. Feeley - Aquafina: Philly’s favorite backup is so used to handing out water, he was surprised to learn that he wasn’t at an Eagles game on Tuesday night. Would someone send him to Trott’s Spot please?

They do about 20 more Eagles players and coaches.  Worth a look.

>>The Eagle Report Goes Trick-or-Treating [Eagles Report]

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