Early Morning Aggregator

Early Morning Aggregator
August 22, 2008, 3:15 am
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Hey everyone...with Matt and E traversing the Orient, I'm one of the few they left the keys to. So for the next week (on weekdays) I'll put up a quick morning aggregation of happenings around the internet for the early morning procrastinators out there.

• While you were sleeping, the US men's volleyball team did what the women did the day before, in decidedly more clothing. Read about it and see clips here.

• The Phils fell to the Gnats, and DN scribe David Murphy invoked the name of Meatloaf. This can't be good for anyone.

• This was actually two days ago, but Weitzel at Beerleaguer had a nice recap of all the Phils minor league signings. Then he talked about it. (it's in my contract).

• Awful Announcing had the low down on Tiki Barber's poor choice of words. You're on TV Tiki, the word is COUNT.

• Do we add homophobe to the list of names people call Kobe? Dan Steinberg finds out by talking to a decloseted John Amaechi .

• As Matt said before he left, get better Jody Mac.

• Oh, and speaking of Matt's trip...and Enrico still being in China...a little treat for you guys after the jump.

Okay, here's the situation, my bloggers went away on a week's vacation and....

(Note: I can't embed the original one, so here's a live version).

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