Ed Wade: Kick Him While He's Down

Ed Wade: Kick Him While He's Down
December 17, 2004, 12:02 am
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If you are at all interested in the Phillies, you should read an article posted on PhillyBurbs.com by Randy Miller which talks about the now infamous temper of axed GM Ed Wade.  It starts:

Ed Wade screamed and cursed for several minutes, then picked up a chair in Charlie Manuel's office and whipped it across the room.


The chair smashed into a wall halfway between the ceiling and the floor. Two legs and chunks of wood littered the area.
Manuel watched the scene and kind of nodded his head as if to say, "OK, now what?"

This piece makes you wonder why the gloves didn't come off until after Wade packed his bags.  You have to wonder about Ed Wade; he never produced a team that made the playoffs but he always seemed to have an attitude towards anyone who disagreed with or questioned his moves.  Wade always came off as that geeky kid in high school who thought he was hot shit and would get all pissy when anyone argued with him.  Sure he worked hard but as someone once said, "my washing machine works hard."

Ed Wade is gone now which is the the key issue.  Let's just hope the Phillies can get their shit together enough so that their GM isn't a joke:

One time when Wade made a judgment on a young Phillies player, a uniformed employee called writers over and said, "Did you hear, Eddie thinks he's a baseball guy now?" Everyone laughed.

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