El Wingador's throne found on Art Museum Steps

El Wingador's throne found on Art Museum Steps
February 10, 2005, 6:22 am
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In a bizare twist to end the Wing Bowl drama, El Wingador's throne was found on the Art Museum steps.

Link: Philly.com: Wing King has throne back

FORGET ABOUT the upcoming Dali exhibit, there was an even more surreal sight at the Art Museum last night.  El Wingador's missing throne was discovered on its steps, about 9 by three men.  The large chair was used to push El Wingador, aka Bill Simmons, into the Wachovia Center during Friday's Wing Bowl, which he won for the fifth time.  As we reported yesterday, it was stolen from a backstage loading dock and a police report was filed. Several witnesses reported seeing it being carried away on a gold pickup truck.

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