ESPN Criticizes Flyers Twitter, Defends Actions

ESPN Criticizes Flyers Twitter, Defends Actions
January 25, 2010, 10:53 am
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The Flyers gave the Rangers an old fashioned beat down at the Wach last week which led to John Tortorella whining and the Flyers Twitter account tweeting a link to a video of Dan Carcillo fighting Marian Gaborik.

ESPN's Pierre LeBrun criticized the Flyers Twitter this morning for linking to both the fight video and another video of Carcillo after the game when he said he was "licking his chops." The Flyers official website offered a rebuttal to those criticisms in which they say they were forwarded the videos via email by the But this part of the Flyers' response is my favorite, "Guys like Dan Carcillo and Sean Avery, love them or hate them, help to
sell and promote the game. Whether or not you agree with Carcillo’s
comments, or with Gaborik’s decision to start a fight and subsequently
end up losing it, they are events that took place and got tons of
attention from the local media of both teams."

My question is this: if it is flawed for the team to distribute that video, is it flawed for ESPN to air it on SportsCenter later that night, or whatever network is broadcasting the game to show replays of a fight moments after it happens? Do you think LeBrun has a point or is he nitpicking over
something that happens regularly?

Here's video of said fight:

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