Even The Soul Are Losing

Even The Soul Are Losing
April 10, 2007, 1:43 am
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From Will Bunch's Attytood:

It's 2007, and the Phillies are not "there," wherever there is. Or as
WIP's Steve Martorano said earlier today, Jimmy Rollins said the
Phillies were the team to beat, and so now everyone is doing exactly
that. Today's loss to the Mets was so awful
that those of us who are able to watch an afternoon ballgame wished we
could trade places with some schlub stuck in some office cubicle


Poor Abe, originally uploaded by DruNYC

Yesterday, I was some schlub.  But you know what?  I love pain so much that when I got home from my miserable cubicle, I flipped on my lovely Comcast DVR box and went to the recordings section.  That's right, I watched the Phillies lose on taped delay even when I knew they already lost and lost ugly.  A misanthrope, I am.

Bunch points to the Phillies lacking class and the fact that they let Chris Coste go back to the minors.  Honestly, Yogi Berra couldn't help this squad right now let alone Chris Coste.

But you know, there's always the bright side to look on.  The Phillis will not lose today.

In unrelated news, some QB threw 7 TDs against the Soul and the Philly team lost.  Awesome.  I'd link you to the story, but nobody would click on it anyway.

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