Extras: DrogbaDrogbaDrogba, Sabathia Woes, Patrick Kane With a Tambourine

Extras: DrogbaDrogbaDrogba, Sabathia Woes, Patrick Kane With a Tambourine
June 15, 2010, 4:26 am
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Good mornin' Philly sports fans. Just a quick link dump to start your day. 

Best non-USA news of the World Cup so far? Looks like Didier Drogba will play for the Ivory Coast after being medically cleared. Whether or not you care about the plight of Côte d'Ivoire or Drogba, it's a better, more entertaining tournament with him out there, especially considering today's match will pit Drogba against Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal. Too bad my SlingBox doesn't arrive until tomorrow. [AP/USA Today]

Topping that injury news is the US announcement that Tim Howard will play on Friday against Slovenia. Howard, the team's backbone and greatest strength, took a set of cleats to the chest while making a save in Saturday's opener versus England. [ESPN Soccernet]

The Phillies kick off a series at Yankee Stadium tonight facing CC Sabathia, an ace against whom they've had some dramatic success. Lately, everyone but the Orioles has hit CC though. What's wrong with the ace? [Rob Neyer]

Hey Mr. Tambourine Mullet! Here's one link that will help calm any sadness over the Flyers not being the team on the celebration circuit right now. Not sure a scene could be more annoying than this. [Puck Daddy]

Whereas Digital Mike Richards will smash your face. [Flyers Goal Scored By]

Still feeling empty after that Flyers loss in game 6? So is Peter Laviolette. Hard to remember a coach that could instill this much confidence in us coming off a crushing loss, and Lavvy's pre-season prep has already begun. [DelcoTimes] [Inq]

Want to hate the NBA Finals matchup even more? Here's a look at which stars could have been Sixers, as well as the players selected instead of them. Some more frustrating than others... [CSNPhilly]

Slump or no, I'm buying this Milt Thompson instructional video for my nephew's 10th birthday this weekend. [MiltThompson.com]

Been listening to Graceland and watching Paul Simon's Concert in Africa a lot this week. Even more than usual. Someone please put this on Blu-Ray. 

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