Extras: Say What You Will About Andy, But It Could Be Worse

Extras: Say What You Will About Andy, But It Could Be Worse
February 3, 2007, 3:28 am
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So we likely saw the nails officially getting smacked into this season's coffin yesterday, and it sure was an ugly turnoverfest. Some fans are wondering why Andy Reid didn't change up the gameplan to do anything to keep the ball out of Lofa Tatupu's hands (mostly by first keeping it out of A.J. Feeley's). Big Red's inability to make adjustments has been one of the biggest areas of criticism directed at him this season. But at least he didn't call back-to-back timeouts. Misterirrelevant.com kicks off our Monday Extras with another Joe Gibbs senior moment:

Joe Gibbs didn’t know that you can’t call back-to-back timeouts.
So, instead of attempting a 51 yarder, Lindell knocked in a chip shot
to beat the Skins with four seconds left in a game they were winning
from the opening possession.

Extras after the jump.

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•Remember the Alamo Bowl? No one else will either. Penn State's disappointing season will come to an end in San Antonio. Texas A&M drew the other bid, and essentially got a home game. [Run Up The Score]

•Having resolved their well-publicized hitting woes, the Padres turned their attention to signing Randy Wolf, who was being targeted by the Phils. A fly-ball pitcher, Wolfie's probably better off in Petco. [Fox Sports]

Stephon Marbury's father died during a Knicks home game. He left the arena with chest pains and passed away before the game ended. [NBC]

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