Fabio in the Fourteenth

Fabio in the Fourteenth
September 27, 2006, 8:27 pm
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Wow.  These Phillies sure know how to toy with our emotions.  The Phillies blew two save opportunities.  4 errors and shoddy bullpen work allowed the Nationals to come pitches away from ending the Phils season.  Jimmy Rollins came up with the game winner in the 14th.  Fabio Castro came in to finish it off in the fourteenth.  It was an exhausting game.

Yahoo photo.

Some thoughts:
-Jimmy Rollins has been huge.  Jimmy Rollins has been HUGE.
-Chase has gotten back into a groove at just the right time.
-Nook is faaaaaaaaaast.
-Jeff Conine looked 60 years old yesterday.  Ryan Howard has zero protection.
-Ryan Howard isn't going to win MVP if he doesn't get a chance to hit in big situations.

More thoughts tomorrow, but man does a win feel good.

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