Fan Videos: The Flyers' 5 on 3 Goals, and the Crowd Goes Wild

Fan Videos: The Flyers' 5 on 3 Goals, and the Crowd Goes Wild
January 26, 2011, 8:50 am
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Like everyone reading this site, I'll gladly take Jim Jackson teamed with either Keith Jones or Bill Clement over a national broadcast any night of the week. But last night I found myself enjoying the fact that the Flyers were on Versus for one reason in particular—the crowd sounded amazing, and the announcers kept mentioning it. I mean, we could hear the Wells Fargo Center going nuts. But they kept pointing it out, somewhat in awe, and the cameras panned to mid-game standing O's.

It was one of those games... Intensity on the ice and appreciation surrounding it. The perfect home-barn blend.  

That momentum had to build from somewhere though, and a nailbiting, back-and-forth scoreless start finally gave way to a breakthrough for the Flyers when the Canadiens decided to end the first period with a little parade to the penalty box. After the jump, a pair of videos from a fan's Android capturing the moments leading up to, including, and immediately after the Flyers' first two goals. 


And, a minute later, still working against the Montreal triangle...


Not the best audio or video, what with it coming from a dude's phone a good ways from the ice in the lower level. But we definitely appreciate the capture-the-moment quality coming as a result of the shooter filming the play leading up to the goal. Well done, fan. 

By popular request, here's a video of the great shift the Flyers put forth in the second period:

Simply amazing. 

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