Fans Show Up; Flyers Don't

Fans Show Up; Flyers Don't
January 10, 2006, 4:30 am
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East Rutherford, NJ --  Flyers fans headed up the Jersey Turnpike last night in droves to watch the Flyguys play the Devils at Continental Airlines Arena.  I've been working outside of New York City for the past few weeks so I was in the neighborhood to catch the Flyers get destroyed.  The hockey was lack luster at best.  Poor power play and poor penalty kill.

With that out of the way, the Arena in Jersey is definitely not on par with the Wachovia Center.  Previously I had seen Springsteen at the venue, but this was my first sporting event in the arena.  $7.25 will get you a 20 oz. light beer.  $52 face value ticket was obtained for $30 but after seeing how empty the place was I think I could have done a little better.  Before any goals were scored the arena sounded predominately orange and black.  Flyers jersey's were very prominent.  Once the bad guys put the puck in the net a few times the Devils' fans woke up a little.

There were a few highlights of the evening.  Early in the game, they showed a video clip of Michael Strahan in a Giants jersey doing a Devil's chant.  The arena erupted in boos!  It was a beautiful thing.  Late in the 3rd period with the game clearly over, I spotted a little skirmish in the nose bleeds.  There was a drunk guy wearing a Terrell Owens jersey, yes, he forgot to burn it, seemingly going at it with Devils fans.  I'm pretty sure I saw some punches thrown and security run up the steps.  The icing on the cake: the entire upper bowl started chanting "T.O. Must Go!  T.O. Must Go!"  About 5 security people carried him out horizontally.  Everyone got some laughs out of that one.

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