Field of Futility

Field of Futility
July 16, 2007, 1:42 pm
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Our "long-time, many-time" commenter johndewar can always be counted on to drop some solid knowledge below the posts here at The Level, and today he's put together a great position-by-position cross-section of some of the total bums that helped the Phillies reach 10,000 losses. I can fondly recall my grandfather saying, "That guy just stinks" to quite a few of these names...

Will Tom Gordon one day be on this list? He had a great first half last season, but we've barely seen him since, and it's safe to say he's been a really old disappointment. We've come to hate Billy Wags since he left to become a Mut, but not a second has gone by since he left that any of us wouldn't rather that Pat Gillick had bucked up for him instead of a guy who barely plays. Tell me what kind of a bargain that one-year shorter contract was now...

Anyway, Flash is back from the DL. Who knows for how long, but we sure as hell need him. West Coast series kicks off tonight, with Jamie Moyer taking on Brad Penny (10-1; 2.39 ERA).

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