Fighting Form May Not Have Returned From the Olympic Break Yet

Fighting Form May Not Have Returned From the Olympic Break Yet
March 8, 2010, 7:22 am
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These guys look like they could both use some lessons in the barn from Blane and Kelly Youngblood, but sadly, Dion Phaneuf gets the better of Scott Hartnell in this scratch-n-pull. 

The best part about this fight though was that there was a mic on the action, and CSN played the footage of the fairly casual exchange between the players just before they dropped the gloves on SportsRise today. "Transcript" after the jump. 

I didn't see or hear what set them off, but after the whistle, Phaneuf seemed unhappy about something, and Harts suggested they "Drop 'em then. OK? Let's go. Right here." Only it really did come off as more of a suggestion, like, 'What do you say we fight?' Phaneuf quietly responded, "Right now?" and then both quickly dropped the gloves. 

That's how it happens a lot of the time, that simply. Had all the signs it was going to be a good one too, with both players show the sportsmanship of taking off their visor-bearing helmets to help out the other guy's hands. 

Too bad Hartnell kinda just slipped and fell, thrown off his balance by Phaneuf's jersey pull, with the only real punch happening when Phaneuf hit him when he was already on his back. 

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