Finish Them: Cliff Lee for the Series Win Vs. Mets

Finish Them: Cliff Lee for the Series Win Vs. Mets
August 24, 2009, 8:44 am
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Four days ago, I think we'd have all been happy to be sitting here awaiting the start of the Phillies-Mets series finale with our guys up 2-1 and Cliff Lee facing Bobby Parnell in a day game. It's been a quirky series, with an inside-the-park homer, Pedro's return to Flushing, a fan fight, a goddamn unassisted triple play, and yet another Utley's Corner occurrence, just to name a few.  

Bruntlett is back in the lineup today, both to give Jimmy Rollins a rest and to remind the Mets just how much everyone, including the baseball gods, love to see them fail. An unassisted triple play to end the game. Still not over it. 

I hate to be presumptuous within earshot of those baseball gods and predict a win here, but I'm feeling good... Cliff Lee is facing Bobby Parnell this afternoon, but as Bruntlett's yin-yang inning showed yesterday, anything is possible in baseball.  

You may remember Parnell from such films as The Nine Earned Run Debacle Versus the Braves, which aired August 19th. His previous release, Six Shutout Innings in August, was obviously fictitious and created as propaganda to hearten the futile Jorted Mets resistance. Let's see how he fares against Lee & Co. today...   

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