Flyers Clean House

Flyers Clean House
December 23, 2005, 4:45 am
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Bob Clarke resigned and Ken Hitchcock was fired.  I wouldn't say I'm shocked that the Flyers, who are off to their worst start in over 15 years, cleaned house this weekend.  Out with the old, in with the new.  That's how sports goes when losing spreads rampant.  (Except for maybe the Phillies, of course)

While I'm not really upset by either guys departure, I think Hitch got a bit of the shaft here.  The Flyers team was poorly put together by Clarke, or whoever he let make decisions towards the end, but it was coach Hitchcock who took the blame.  Maybe I just liked Hitch's jovial personality. 

Clarke on his own desire:

"I felt strongly that from the end of last season on - I don't know if
I was burnt out or tired or something - but the decisions that had to
be made, I was not willing to make them," Clarke said. "And I was
letting other people make them.

Clarke may have been a legend on the ice, but that was before my time.  His time in the office never produced anything legendary.  This surely marks the end of an era.  With the "new NHL," it was time to move on.

I've heard some talk among fans that the Flyers should trade Peter Forsberg.  He's become the Allen Iverson of the Flyers.

Former Phantoms coach John Stevens will take over coaching duty for the Flyguys.  I'm guessing that nobody but the Flyers' crazies know much about John Stevens, but what I do know is that he coached 11 current Flyers at one point while they played for the Phantoms.  If anybody knows this team it's likely Stevens.

-ESPN has video of the press conference to go along with their story.

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