Flyers Fat Dancing Guy Takes Self Seriously

Flyers Fat Dancing Guy Takes Self Seriously
May 15, 2008, 12:06 pm
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Shawny Hill, better known as the Fat Dancing Flyers Guy, answers some questions for Philly Mag's Daily Examiner. After saying he gets asked something like 200 times about whether he gets comped tickets -- really? that many people care? -- Mr. Hill shows how serious he takes his jiggling.

What’s your pre-game workout? A little Dance Revolution? Watching old MJ music videos?
I’m actually like a player. I played hockey for so many years, so
during the pre-game videos and stuff I’m like bouncing around with my
“game face” on. I absorb the energy in the building so that I’m ready
to give my all as a fan as the puck drops.

To his credit, he comes up with a good answer when asked about Sidney Crosby's playoff dirt. He says it most resembles "The unpopular girl in high school who didn’t wax it off. However, to her credit, she was All-State on the diving team."

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