Flyers On Strike.. Again

Flyers On Strike.. Again
December 19, 2004, 5:22 am
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So I spent Saturday boozing in South Philly, mostly watching college football insanity, but also taking in my first Flyers game in ages.  How amazing was that football though?  I thoroughly enjoyed Notre Dame getting their hearts ripped out but was rather shocked to see Michigan pull that last second crap on PSU.

So the Flyers played Saturday night.. they don't play again until Saturday?  Since when does the NHL have an All-Star break in the first two weeks of the season?  I bet you reader(s) didn't even notice the fact that the Flyguys have a week off. (Unless you live in Texas)

So the Cingular Pavillion is pretty legit.  I went with a Steve's Prince of Steaks which was absolutely fantastic.  Under the circumstances it was one of the tastiest whiz withs I ever consumed.   I was previously under the impression that the new bar would be similar to McFadden's at the Ball Park in that you could enter the bar without a ticket to the game.  This was not the case on Saturday night and one worker said it may be be available to the public at some point.  Who knows what the real deal is?  Some specs on the new digs:

The newly constructed addition on the 11th Street side of the facility
features two legendary Philadelphia restaurants, Chickie’s & Pete’s
and Steve’s Prince of Steaks
, and will open in time for the
Philadelphia Flyers regular season opener on Wednesday, October 5. The
Cingular Pavilion will open two hours prior to every Wachovia Center
event and will remain open after each event, as well, for all ticketed
The Cingular Pavilion features 28 large, 45” High Definition LCD
Screens and six additional 35” monitors for fans to view live game
, and televised sports events, as well as a state-of-the-art
audio system for live music from local musicians, and live broadcasts
from area radio stations. The Cingular Pavilion features both table-top
seating and bar stools for customer convenience. The newly expanded
concourse also features a sliding glass door to further extend
activities into the outside pavilion in warmer weather.

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