Flyers Practice Trustfalls and Hand Drums

Flyers Practice Trustfalls and Hand Drums
December 8, 2006, 12:44 pm
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For years, the Flyers have been believers in team-building retreats, spending a little time each season in outdoorsy places or, recently, West Point and the Naval Academy. This year the team got its Dunder-Mifflin on in British Columbia, where apparently it rained all day while they were outside. I can't wait to see whose name shows up first on the scratches list with "flu-like symptoms" next to it.

But team building is important in hockey. We know that abysmal penalty killing can be directly correlated to lack of sufficient drum circle time together, and that it's hard to win a faceoff back to your defenseman if you've never once fallen backward blindly into his arms.

After getting off to a great start in Calgary, the Flyers picked up some bad habits from last season once again, with lax play at times against a speedy Edmonton team. Geoff Sanderson and Joni Pitkanen got sweet revenge, accounting for 3 of the Oilers' 5 goals. Apparently they've been playing quite a bit of Human Checkers there, because they looked ready to win—as a team

Flyers place stock in bonding expedition [Ed Moran, Daily News]

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