Flyers vs Pens Gamethread: Rinse and Repeat edition

Flyers vs Pens Gamethread: Rinse and Repeat edition
January 7, 2010, 12:58 pm
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Recalling the 3 game losing streak we have against our Western Pa neighbors so far this year and adding the  Penguins' playoff dominance against us from last season would probably bore you all completely to death.  In fact, it seems that every time I preview a Flyers/Pens match up, I end up just regurgitating the stats and scores that say the same old tired thing.  Pens win, Pens win, Pens win.  So I'd like to do away with that old broken record and use the advice of MattP by sharing the positives on tonight's game at the Igloo.

We can look forward to offensive highlights, like goals and assists from Richards and Crosby, but we can also expect some Oh-fensive fireworks from the likes of Rupp and Carcillo.  If you drop out the 6-1 blowout in game 2 of the s.s., the other two games have been very close, relatively low scoring and sound defensive match-ups.  Leighton, who will start tonight, has looked steady in support of an injured Boosh/Emery.  Briere has got the scent of the net all up in his grill.  New head coach Peter Laviolette's system seems to be settling into the players' brains and the Flyers are taking on a Penguins team that has "pulled out" of a 5 game losing streak.  It usually seems that the Flyers play the Pens just well enough to lose in OT or the shootout.  For whatever reason, I predict this ends tonight. "Fartsmell", Giroux, and Briere score.  Carcillo might punch someone... I don't know.  

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