Flyers Waive Goodbye to Boulerice

Flyers Waive Goodbye to Boulerice
December 15, 2006, 2:37 pm
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Unhappy to be saddled with 45 suspension games over 2 players to start the season, the Flyers have placed Jesse Boulerice on waivers. The only thing surprising about the move to me is that teams are allowed to cut someone who's been suspended. I'd guess that half the guys willing to do something so dumb as to warrant a long suspension are replaceable goons anyway, so the team suffers no real loss at the suspension. Let's face it, Boulerice barely made this team, and the fans who knew who he was before last Wednesday will be glad he got the axe.

News out of Canada is that Boulerice called Ryan Kesler, whose face he crosschecked last week, to apologize. I guess he learned a lesson from DMac that feuds aren't settled via text message.

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