Flyers-Bruins Game 2: How About an Epic One-Game Comeback?

Flyers-Bruins Game 2: How About an Epic One-Game Comeback?
May 2, 2011, 5:28 pm
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Now that all is said and done and my heart isn't in my throat, I'm glad the Flyers-Bruins series from the 2010 playoffs proceeded and ended the way it did. Short of a Stanley Cup (and don't we know that feeling), The Comeback was about as good as it gets. However, I'd prefer that be a one-time thing. History doesn't need to be made every series. Tonight, we're looking for the Flyers to stage a monumental one-game comeback and tie this thing up. Counting on history being made isn't the safest bet, even with a team that can never be counted out.

The bright side I'm choosing to look on after Saturday's debacle is that the current batch of Flyers seems to play better with their feet roasting in the fire, and they definitely got burned on Saturday.

Uncomfortable with the feeling of dismantling the Sabres in game 7,   they came out and played their worst game of the playoffs by far. They'd   lost a few games to the Sabres, including the opener, but actually   looked good throughout the series even in defeat. Not so on Sunday, when   for 60 minutes, they spelled out all of our concerns in blood on the   home ice.

But, what the Flyers did poorly on Saturday is entirely correctable. They weren't  beaten by another team because its players were simply more talented than theirs. They  were beaten because they didn't play as well as they could. Because they didn't  play as well as we've seen them play over the previous two weeks.

It's almost pointless to start powerwagging at any Flyer or group of Flyers in particular. They collectively played like crap, and they collectively admitted to it for the most part.

It wouldn't hurt to have Brian Boucher (tonight's starter) come out and play the best game of his season, but it shouldn't be counted on either. There needs to be far better defense in front of him, and hopefully Lavs has figured a way to stop the Bruins' top line, which dominated the game. It wouldn't hurt to have a Flyers line dominate like the Bruins had on Saturday either. They're built for depth, but they've had some great games when one line has just stepped up and taken over, usually the B-Unit.

Unfortunately, Chris Pronger may be out for the game. He didn't play in the final minutes of Saturday's loss and Bob McKenzie is hearing he's out of the lineup (unofficial so far) tonight.

Enough outta me. If you have tickets, make sure you're in your seats for God Bless America. Should be one of the best we've heard...

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