Football Food For Eagles Fans: Dallas

Football Food For Eagles Fans: Dallas
January 9, 2009, 9:02 am
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Last night's game against the Cowboys was just another addition to the recent string of Philadelphia sports disappointments. Thankfully, we had Football Food For Eagles Fans to look forward to this morning.

From Mark's flickr page:

Frustrating, frustrating loss. But, in the spirit of who Philly played, I went Tex-Mex. And who better to get an authentic Tex-Mex recipie from from a Texan himself, and a good shooter to boot, Jeff Lynch of Serious Amateur Photography. Jeff's wife was kind enough to send me a from-scratch recipie for shredded turkey enchiladas (though I subbed in shredded chicken). Very tasty, even with the tomatillos I added. And did the enchilada sauce from scratch as well.

On the side, some Mexian rice. And in the glass...well, I forgot to pick up Lone Star beer so I went again with Rowhouse Red.

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