Football Food For Fans - Week 5

Football Food For Fans - Week 5
December 15, 2006, 9:30 am
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Let's face it, Mark eats a whole lot better than your average football fan.  While the rest of us likely dial up the local pizza shop on Sunday, Mark eats like a champion.  That is shown in his meal for the Jets game.  He does a cheesesteak in style.

In keeping with tradition, I crafted a meal that took note of the
Eagles' opponent. In this case, I grilled a New York Strip steak, but
then made it a tasty Philly-style steak sandwich. After grilling and
slicing the New York Strip thin, I put a torpedo roll on the grill and
smeared it with roasted garlic.
Then I laid the sliced steak on it along with Provolone cheese,
Portebello mushrooms sauteed in butter and balsamic vinegar, and
sauteed onions.

I was a little stuck for a side dish, so I reconstituted some mashed
potatoes my wife made earlier in the week with salt, pepper and
Parmesan cheese, then lightly pan-fried the patties in some olive oil.

To wash it all down? Why, a Manhattan cocktail, of course. I make mine
with Maker's Mark bourbon, no cherry. I know, I know.. a "cocktail"
isn't very Sunday football. But I've never said I toe the line. Beer
yes, bourbon sure, scotch of course, cocktails...when it works.

My pizza and Miller Lite pale in comparison.

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