Football Friday: Lots of News

Football Friday: Lots of News

There were some great quotes by TO on his website message boards last night including:




ESPN Radio has links to hear Donovan, Schilling, and some others on their thoughts on T.O.  All the Boston Globe is worried about is T.O losing money by playing.  Shows how much they care about winning.  Apparently Philadelphians dress better than Bostonians. 

Bob Ford's article about T.O. putting the team first really hits the nail on the head.  If he can help the Eagles win, he should play, if not, do whats best for the team.  Today's NY Post has some Belichick quotes which make him out to be fearing the Eagles.

And finally, a great read from Boston which has Ray Diddy talking about The Passion of the Philly Fan.   This is a must read.

"The whole experience with pro football was a way of life. Every Sunday, the ritual was go to church, then go to the Eagles game. It was hard to tell where the religion stopped and the football began."

Go ahead, throw those barbs from afar, the jokes about brutally-tough Philadelphia fans being crude and rude, cold and ruthless. Most of the jokes come from people who never saw Shibe Park, never stepped inside the Vet, never put their hands around a Philly cheesesteak. Take it from someone who came from afar and never left, this is one great city.

I have a gut feeling T.O. is going to be healthier than any of the national media expected.  The guy is a physical specimen.  He won't be afraid to play through some pain either.  If he plays any kind of role in the Eagles beating the Patriots in the Superbowl, Terrell Owens will be in the history books.

Ben Simmons wants to play this season but says 'no timetable on getting healthy'

Ben Simmons wants to play this season but says 'no timetable on getting healthy'

Ben Simmons wants to play this season.

He expressed his interest to get back on the court while speaking to the media for the first time since undergoing surgery on a right acute Jones fracture. Dressed in a suit, he addressed his injury before the tip-off of opening night Wednesday.

There had been rumblings that Simmons’ agent, Rich Paul, wanted to keep him out this season. Both Simmons and Sixers CEO Scott O’Neil debunked that thought (see story).

“I’d love to play, definitely,” Simmons said of the 2016-17 season. “As soon as I can get out there, I’d love to play."

Simmons did not give an anticipated return date. He is expected to miss three months with the injury, which involved one screw in the injured bone. Neither the team nor the rookie are in a rush. 

“There’s no timetable on getting healthy,” he said. “I’m working every day to get back and as soon as they tell me I can play is when I’ll be out there.”

Simmons has been rehabbing at the Sixers' training complex in Camden, New Jersey. He is able to work on upper-body training and massage to help the blood flow. He is focused on maintaining his strength, and noted his playing weight did not factor into the injury as some speculated. Simmons also has been watching game film and would like to improve his shot during the recovery period. 

“It’s a blessing and a curse,” he said. “Obviously it’s not the best start of my career as an NBA player, but I’m looking at it as a positive.”

New to the league, Simmons reached out for insight from other players. The first person he spoke to was Kevin Durant, who suffered the same injury. 

“He just said get advice from everybody and I’ll be good,” Simmons said. “It’s good to just reach out to people like that who have gone through it.”

Simmons watched the Sixers' home opener from the locker room, observing with a mix of patience and desire to suit up. 

“It was tough just knowing what happened,” he said. “But I’ll have my first game eventually and my time will come.”

Report: Kings called Flyers about 'bad goalie' Steve Mason

Report: Kings called Flyers about 'bad goalie' Steve Mason

Dealing with injuries in their crease, the Los Angeles Kings called the Flyers to check in on the availability of bad goalie Steve Mason, according to's Elliotte Friedman.

Kings starter and otherwise really good goalie Jonathan Quick is out up to three months with a groin injury, while backup Jeff Zatkoff is currently on injured reserve with a groin injury too.

Before eventually bringing in former Predators and Coyotes goaltender Anders Lindbach, Los Angeles called around the league to see if any teams might be able to help them find a replacement for Quick. Mason was one of the potential candidates, Friedman said, but Mason's $4.1 million cap hit couldn't fit into their cap situation. Plus, the Flyers don't have any cap flexibility, either.

Mason is 4-2 with a 2.77 goals-against average and .901 save percentage in six games this season.