Football Friday: Terrell Owens Style

Football Friday: Terrell Owens Style
December 5, 2005, 8:02 pm
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October 8th is only days away.  A Terrell Owens round up of sorts:

  • First off, over at the Fanhouse I wrote about the fact that FOX is putting in some precautionary measures to keep profanity and the like off of your airwaves.
  • Doctors: Terrell Owens Still A Threat To Go All The Way At Any Time [Onion Sports]
  • US Airways painted an entire plane in the Eagles colors complete with Eagles logo.
  • Owens says he never got McNabb's text, "I NVR GT NO TXT FRM 5!@!!!" [Fanhouse]
  • Howard Eskin played the clip from the "T.O. is Wack" video I first posted on Tuesday.  He did not mention where he found said video.
  • So you know how Donovan called T.O.'s last book a "children's book?"  Well T.O. is coming out with a children's book.  It's about little T learning how to share.  Holy Percocet you can't make this shit up! [Mercury News]
  • Observant reader Matt P. pointed out that Comcast Sportsnet played a snipit of the T.O. video on Wednesday and did in fact give mention of The 700 Level.
  • Westbrook is listed as questionable. [Philly]
  • T.O.'s official Myspace.
  • Check out Dallas radio's The Ticket 760 this morning to hear a handsome Eagles blogger discuss the Terrell Owens return.

Non Football linkage:

  • The Sixers played last night in Spain. [Yahoo Photos]
  • Flyers get shutout 4-0 to the Penguins in their season opener. [Philly]
  • The circus may be coming to town on Sunday, but the Zoo is jumping Arc [Philly]
  • The Phillies failed to make it to the post season, but that doesn't stop the Beerleaguer from getting all dressed up. [Beerleaguer]
  • Glad to see the Phillies fans over at the Good Phight are keeping things pessimistic. [The Good Phight]

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