Former Philly star Heather Mitts

Former Philly star Heather Mitts
February 15, 2005, 7:09 am
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A.J. Feeley may have been the most popular 3rd string QB in the NFL.  I used to really enjoy him on his Tuesday night talk show with Anthony Gargano.  A.J.'s special lady friend, and former Philly soccer star, Heather Mitts is ESPN Page2's reigning hottest female athlete.  She owns some nice hardware including an Olympic medal.  Page2 interviewed her recently and even they want to talk about Mr. FredEx.

Link: Page 2 : Heather Mitts.

Are there any athletes on the list that just do not appeal to you at all? Oh, man, nah, that's so mean, I can't say that. My biggest problem is with who you left off. You've seen A.J. in a football uniform, but he here is looking good in a suit. Freddie Mitchell? Ha. No. Mr. Feeley. Can Mr. Feeley please give Freddie Mitchell some fashion advice? You know what, all I can say is, "That's just Freddie." Who were you and A.J. pulling for in the Super Bowl? Oh, Philly, of course. Poor Philadelphia. We really hope they get a championship in that city soon. A.J. and I both really enjoyed our playing experiences in Philadelphia. We were cheering on A.J.'s old teammates.

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