Frank Stallone Sings! New Rocky Clips

Frank Stallone Sings! New Rocky Clips
February 18, 2006, 5:00 am
Share This Post, which calls itself an independent entertainment news site, has a plethora of clips from both the premiere of Rocky Balboa last week in Hollywood and 11 behind the scenese clips from the actual movie itself.  If you plan on seeing the movie, I'd recommend staying away from the behind the scenes clips to avoid the spoilers.  They've got Rocky and Paulie at the old ice rink where Rocko took Adrian on their first date, A.J. Benza trying to convince Rocky to fight Mason Dixon, and the "fighters fight" bit.  Is this the Marie who was going to be remembered as the "whore from the corner" in the original?  IMDB is saying no.  Damn.

But if you're not into the whole movie spoilers thing, you can watch Frank Stallone busting into song.  This clip won't spoil anything but your lunch.  And hey! Ivan Drago is still alive.

Notables at the premiere worth checking out include Sloan from Entourage and Paulie looking slightly Yoda-esque.  Did you know Kevin Connolly played a South Philly hooligan in Rocky V?  Check it.

You can find tons of clips in Windows and Apple formats in the links below.  The Philly premiere is tonight.

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