Freddie and his MoFro on BestDamn

Freddie and his MoFro on BestDamn
January 25, 2005, 5:41 am
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Watch FredEx and his MoFro on the Best Damn Sports Show. (Windows Media) Thanks to our SEI insider for the heads up on this link.  "Once I'm on the field I'm a beast, once I'm off the field I'm having fun."  The 'frohawk is phenomenal, Freddie is insane.  We better bring this guy back next off season for entertainment purposes alone.  There are also some videos featuring the Superbowl Coaches.  Also some great video of the NFCC game day, fan footage, player footage, T.O. flappin, Freddie w/ the Belt, etc.  Gotta watch this last one!

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