FredEx still going

FredEx still going
February 14, 2005, 4:48 am
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Freddie Mitchell is insane, seriously.  What do you think goes on in his head?  I think he will be traded now.  You must read this article.

Link: Yahoo! Sports - NFL - Wrong said Fred.

If you played this Patriot team 10 times, how many times do you figure the Eagles would win?'' I asked. "Eight times,'' he said. "To me, the Patriots are not that good. We turn it over four times, and still they only beat us by three. We're the better team. But we turned it over too much. A good team crushes that Patriot team. I'm telling you, they're not that good. T.O. was hurt, and he still scorched them for over 100 yards.'' He called the Patriots a "well, well-coached team. But we'll see how good a coach Bill Belichick is after he loses those two coordinators. That Charlie Weis is a friggin' mastermind." Speaking of Belichick, I told him Sports Illustrated had quoted Belichick this week as calling Mitchell "terrible ... We loved when he was in the game." "Oh,'' Mitchell said. You could feel the steam over the phone. "I see. It takes a big man to talk after the game. Why didn't he say anything before the game? That shows what kind of guy he is.'' I asked him his opinion about Tom Brady. "He's like Ben Roethlisberger to me,'' Mitchell said. "They don't put him position to make mistakes. They limit his ability to make mistakes. He's sort of like a robot.''

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