Futures Market for Eagles Superbowl Tickets

Futures Market for Eagles Superbowl Tickets
January 9, 2006, 5:27 am
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One of my favorite website's Wired.com posted an interesting piece about futures markets for Superbowl tickets which focuses on the experience of two Eagles fans:

The market opened at midnight, and the brothers jumped right in. After
a few minutes, with the option price at $150, Paul spent $1,200 for the
right to buy eight standard tickets to the 2006 Super Bowl (if the
Eagles make it). Meanwhile, Brad, who was only just getting warm after
his walk, didn't fare so well. The site couldn't handle the heavy
traffic and stalled as he tried to join the frenzied buyers -
prospective Eagles seats sold out in minutes. Brad had little choice
but to try an end around. He bought options for all the teams that he
thought Philadelphia might play in the next Super Bowl.

It's definitely an interesting idea, especially for those who have both an interest in sports and financial markets.  With my post yesterday featuring a sports betting site allowing you to bet on what team Terrell Owens will play for next season, your local bookie's business isn't what it used to be. 

Of similar interest is the new type of fantasy football which Troy Aikman has been pushing lately over at ProTrade.com which allows you to put together a portfolio of players each with their own market value or stock price.  Some interesting stuff going on over there, I'm curious if such a "game" will catch on.

What ever happened to a fun night of beers and drafting a team of players in real life on your neighbor's back porch?  I remember my first fantasy league when I was in 7th grade we had a real draft board which was actually a piece of poster board we wrote down our picks on with a magic marker.  Those were the days before millions of different fantasy guides and websites about which players ranked in which order.

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