Garrett Reid Sentenced to 23 Months, Smuggled Pills into Jail

Garrett Reid Sentenced to 23 Months, Smuggled Pills into Jail
January 1, 2007, 8:44 am
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If you thought Andy Reid would be busy preparing for the Cowboys all day today at the NovaCare complex, you would be wrong.  Instead, Andy spent much of the day in court where his son Garrett was sentenced to up to 23 months in jail for the incident in which he smashed into another car while high on heroin.

Garrett Reid, 24, could leave jail early if he applies for and is
accepted into a special drug court program that would require him to
hold down a job, report to authorities regularly and undergo rigorous
drug testing.

Reid tested positive for heroin and admitted having used it, and
authorities found syringes with heroin and testosterone in his SUV. He
was taken into custody again Tuesday after failing a drug test,
prosecutors said. He had missed a scheduled test last month,
prosecutors and his attorney said.

To make it a family affair, Britt Reid was also in court today to deal with his road rage incident.  Ugh.

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UPDATE: This story just keeps getting worse: "it was also disclosed that he had smuggled 89 pills into jail by secreting them in his rectum."  Um, yeah.  Issues.

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