Get Creative Against New England

Get Creative Against New England
January 23, 2007, 10:17 am
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It looks like Donovan McNabb will likely be on the sideline for the game Sunday night against the amazing Patriots.  That will leave things up to A.J. Feeley or more realistically Brian Westbrook.  It may get ugly.

But just because the Eagles have an extremely small chance of winning doesn't mean they can't go down swinging.  The fine Fortress of Pillows blog has a list of things the Eagles can do to avoid embarrassment.  My favorite:

2. Cheap shots and late hits aplenty are the order of the day.
Now's the time to do it. The Patriots are practically begging for it.
All it takes is one psychotic defensive back with nothing to lose
delivering a forearm shiver under the face mask of Dante Stallworth, or
a soon-to-be-waived lineman chop-blocking Rodney Harrison. If you don't
think Tom Brady's ACL will be the biggest open target since Jeremy
Piven in Smoking Aces, you are sorely mistaken.

I'm not in favor of intentionally injuring anyone, but I think the Eagles should go after Tom Brady early and often.  Word on the street is he has a sore shoulder.  I'd get one of those fat defensive linemen to lay on him an extra couple seconds before letting Brady get up.  That is if they can get to Brady, of course.

>>The Patriots Victory is Inevitable, But it Doesn't Have to be Pleasant [FoP]

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