Glanville and Millwood Hit the Road

Glanville and Millwood Hit the Road
January 10, 2005, 1:20 am
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No Surprising news here; Millwood agrees to a deal with the Indians and Glanville wasn't offered a deal before the Saturday deadline.  I never really liked Millwood, but I always thought Glanville was a good bench guy.  The Phillies I.Q. just dropped a couple points with the loss of the UPenn alum.

In other NL East news, the Beltran bidding war may be won by Omar and the NY Mets.  The deal is reportedly worth something like $119 million.  Damn.  I wish I was good at baseball.  The Phillies may be the worst team in the NL East.. at least we will always have Montreal.. oh wait.

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