Go Hug a Tree

Go Hug a Tree
January 11, 2005, 4:42 am
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Who cares an ounce what Ralph Nader thinks of the T.O. situation?  Really though, the whole T.O. situation is completely over exposed, obvs.  People who don't even care or know anything about football, Philadelphia, or the Eagles are throwing in their opinion and frankly who gives a crap what they think?  They don't even know half of the background or any of the drama behind the situation.  Ralph Nader needs to go find some tree to hug.  ESPN:

In a letter to the football officials dated Nov. 10, Nader called Owens' comments boorish, but defended the receiver's right to speak.

"If the Eagles management declines to remedy its mistake, commissioner Tagliabue, you should intervene to overturn the team's decision, which dishonors this country's traditional respect for free speech and cheats fans of an opportunity to see arguably the best receiver in football.

"Let him play."

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