Google Video & NBA Team Up

Google Video & NBA Team Up
January 12, 2006, 7:39 pm
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If you are a geek of any kind you know that this past week was CES where Google announced an online video store among other things.  Usually, Google knows what they are doing, but their partnership with the NBA has me puzzled a bit.  You can now purchase a video of an NBA game for a price of $3.95 just days after the game is played.  Want to watch the Sixers performance against the Sonics this past Monday?  No?  Are you sure?

One area I could see this potentially working is in Classic Games.  Want to watch the game where A.I. blew up for 60?  Maybe.  I could see the appeal to buying a game where something classic happened.  But your average meaningless NBA game?  No thanks.

Google Video does have some great aspects to it, you can watch Tom Cruise Kill Oprah or My Lovely Lady Lumps.  Dude's got dance moves like the Birdman.  For hours of time wasting time check out their popular videos.

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