Green Fan: New Eagles Fan Documentary

Green Fan: New Eagles Fan Documentary
July 1, 2008, 11:56 am
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Deadspin points us to, a site dedicated to producing "Green Fan: the Documentary."

Their vision:

To produce a documentary that truly shows the life of an eagle's fan
and helps explain the roller coaster of emotions we have dealt with
since 1961. In the process we want to make this a project that involves
communities in the state of Pennsylvania. We want this to be an
opportunity for anyone that wants to learn about the film industry by
experiencing it firsthand. We will be filming ten main eagle fans
throughout the documentary showing the ups and down of an eagles fan
through the season. We will also be contacting and interviewing Eagle
fan clubs all over the United States. We will travel to Six away games
to show the time dedication and pride it takes to go to an away game.
We will show the personal investments in homes and vehicles that Eagle
fans make to show their love for their team. We will interview Eagle's
greats and present eagle players

You can watch their trailer at their site. I'm a little happy inside knowing that Frank Stallone is listed among the legions of green fans.

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