Hank Baskett Canoodling With Playboy's Kendra Wilkinson

Hank Baskett Canoodling With Playboy's Kendra Wilkinson
September 22, 2008, 3:40 am
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UPDATE: Apparently they do the whole cyber sex thing.

As many real Eagles geeks (and/or pervs) will remember, Playboy Playmate and star of E!'s The Girls Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson had a short lived blog on the Philadelphia Eagles official message board a few years back. Kendra is a self purported fan of both the Eagles and the San Diego Chargers and has sported Philly gear on the television show.

Dan Gross is now reporting that Kendra may have 84 more reasons to cheer for the Birds. She may be in love with Eagles receiver Hank Baskett.

Wilkinson is, on the show at least, one of Hugh Hefner's live-in girlfriends. We're told that Wilkinson, 23, and Baskett, 26, recently dined together at Redstone (500 Rt. 73 S.) in Marlton.

She lists "HB3" as one of her heroes on her MySpace page, and
Baskett's page, which is private, says "HB3 in LOOOOOVVVVEEEE!!!!" An
Eagles spokesman contacted Baskett for comment and got back to us
saying he had not heard from the receiver.

An 80 year old white guy and a 26 year old NFL star, I could see how she could be into both of those.

UPDATE: According to the fine photoblog WWTD, Hank and Kendra are actually engaged. The more you know...

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